SWIM Common Services

System Wide Information Management Common Services

The SWIM Common Services project was financed via the EUROCONTROL EATMP programme.

The assumption is that System Wide Information Management (SWIM) will manage all ATM related information in a consistent way, from its definition through its creation and use, to its archiving, throughout the whole networked ATM system in such a way that all stakeholders have access to information of the right quality at the right time and place.

SWIM is a long process and the SWIM Common Services project was one of the important first steps to make. The work particularly addressed the architectural/conceptual level. Those details were in focus that are foreseen to require global standardisation. In the frame of this work the experts of Slot Consulting and BluSky Services made negotiations both with the European (EUROCONTROL) and the USA (FAA) side to ensure that the future SWIM architecture would be globally interoperable.


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